Conference Center

The office is back, but the hybrid work environment is here to stay. Fulfilling workplace expectations and identifying the experiences that attract and retain team members is key when designing modern workplaces. This commercial office property owner is embracing the future of workplace flexibility and has asked DP3 Architects to design a conference center with multi-use functions including a training space with dual dining potential and a break area.

Our interior design team worked with the client to design a versatile, modern space that can serve a variety of different types of tenants. The design is functional, inviting, and it incorporates technology to suite a variety of office needs. With mixed-use spaces of this size, acoustics can become an issue. The designers were very intentional with the finishes selected for the purpose of maximizing sound control including a feature wall with integrated acoustic artwork. Whether teams are Zooming across the country or meeting in person, this new conference center will be an invaluable building amenity.