Legacy Square Phase 2 at Hollingsworth Park

Verdae Development, Inc.
Greenville, SC

Legacy Square is a 13-acre neighborhood-scaled town center at the heart of Verdae’s residential cornerstone, Hollingsworth Park. Design and construction of the first phase was completed in late 2015 and is now home to more than a dozen businesses. With plans to immediately begin the second phase of the project, Verdae Development engaged DP3 Architects to assist in refining design standards that would enhance the center’s marketability and further compliment the surrounding homes. The goal for the project is to create a concept that is welcoming to users and visitors, sought after by retailers and local businesses, and fits into the landscape of the Hollingsworth Park 300-acre community; providing commercial opportunities and residential conveniences.

DP3 Architects developed the concept with Hollingsworth Park in mind. Similar materials were used to link the second phase to the existing community. Public spaces were analyzed and scaled to ensure the spaces were inviting, functional, and flexible to accommodate the needs of each building owner and future tenants. DP3 developed schematic plans showing prospective retailers, restaurants, and tenants features including floor plans, outdoor spaces, terraces, and development potential. These designs carry on the vision for Legacy Square by providing spaces that will catapult the town center’s second phase into desirable commercial opportunities without sacrificing visual appeal to both residents and visitors.