W.S. Mims Community Center

McCormick County
McCormick, SC

What was once a historic school dating back to 1954 is now known as the W.S. Mims Community Center. DP3 Architects has the honor of coming alongside McCormick County to breathe new life into this space and create an environment that supports the community it serves. Revitalizing this space provides an opportunity to create new jobs, gather the community, and give residents an outlet for activities. The renovation will optimize its current recreation department administrative functions, expand its program offerings through enhanced facilities, and possibly accommodate a future daycare center. 

The overall plan will boost economic development, but honoring the legacy of W.S. Mims is also an important factor for this project. Mims was a well-known educator and principal for the McCormick County High School. Thousands of McCormick County students were under his leadership and witnessed his drive and heart for education. Mims’ motto was, 





This is the spirit DP3 Architects wants to bring to this project and all projects we have the opportunity to work on. When concepting designs for the W.S. Mims Community Center, we knew we had to find the right balance to create an innovative space that also honors its rich history. 

The use of color throughout the design features fresh black and white neutrals with blue and green accents to promote the community center’s branding. The lobby is full of natural light and incorporates the original exposed brick entryway complete with Mims’ motto. This space serves as a place for the community to gather and reflect on the legacy of the school and town with a historic photo wall. 

Our hope for this project is to blend the old with the new and create a community center that will serve McCormick County residents well.