J. Bennett Lochridge
“Architecture is a high-stakes endeavor, but one that requires careful consideration and contemplation over an extended period of time, unlike surgery or acrobatics. ”

J. Bennett Lochridge


Born in Denver, CO and raised in Atlanta, GA; Bennett and his wife, Cassie were looking to move to a location the welcomed progress and design, and had an urban buzz with room to grow. Greenville, SC fit the bill and also does well in supporting his hobbies which include live music, camping, hiking, reading, and woodworking.  Wanting to work for a firm that seeks to push the envelope of design and help the community evolve, Bennett landed at DP3 Architects.

Bennett considers the architectural designer as akin to the symphonic conductor, through which a singular cohesive expression is conjured into reality using only a kit-of-parts and an instruction manual. In the case of the conductor, the kit-of-parts is the ensemble of instruments and their players, and the manual is the musical score. It is up to the maestro to interpret the score and realize where the strengths of the orchestra lie and then swirl them all together accordingly into a performance. For an architectural designer, there are only sites, building materials, and training with which to work. Like the conductor, we must interpret the expressions of the client and the demands of the site and create an artifact that performs as a unified whole for its users. The best designers get out of the way of the performance; they conduct the given forces into reality while leaving no trace of themselves. Bennett knows he’s on the right track when a project begins to feel like it is designing itself and the ego starts to disappear.

Bennett’s creativity and passion for his career fit well in the interiors studio at DP3 Architects where he will be integral in executing corporate interiors, community, higher education, and hospitality projects for the firm.