City Range Steakhouse Grill

City Range -- Range Holdings LLC | Spartanburg, SC

This 288-seat, 8,400-square-foot restaurant project explored the concept of the urban lodge. The goal was to create modern interpretations of traditional lodge elements such as the fireplace, the use of natural materials, and large spaces. Rough forms were replaced with clean lines and hard edges.

Traditional materials such as wood and stone are juxtaposed with concrete, aluminum, and steel. Guests enter the building into a central hall, which serves as the main circulation space for the project.

The main functions of the restaurant—the bar, waiting area, kitchen, and main dining room—are situated adjacent to this hall. The fireplace, decided by the design team to be the most important element of a lodge, is used prominently throughout the project.

A fireplace can be viewed from any space within the restaurant, and all three fireplaces have prominence on the exterior as well. The forms of the fireplaces, as well of those of the spaces, take on strong geometry when viewed from the exterior, giving each space its own identifiable character.