Hendersonville Regional Animal Hospital & Emergency Critical Care Center

Hendersonville, NC

The overall design objective, as envisioned by the doctors, was to build an aesthetically attractive and state-of-the-art veterinary hospital that would provide optimum care for pets and a comfortable and relaxing environment for clients; while also providing an optimal work area for doctors and nursing staff to perform their jobs. The design goal for all areas of the practice was to provide abundant natural light, open spaces, and, being in part an emergency-critical care facility, easy and quick access to diagnostic, treatment, and hospital patient care areas.

DP3 Architects, SYS Constructors and veterinarians Fred Rosen and Ted Owen worked closely to accomplish the design objectives. The primary obstacle was to provide value engineering to meet the budget constraints of the Owners. To this end, the Contractor solicited bids from multiple subcontractors and the Owners themselves brought the subcontractors for HVAC and electrical to the project. The project team always kept in mind the dual purposes of first creating a comfortable and efficient facility for doctors and technicians to perform their jobs and second, an attractive hospital where clients would immediately feel comfortable and cared for when coming through the front door.