NOMA Tower Common Area Renovation

Auro Hotels
Greenville, SC

DP3 Architects was selected to bring the lobby and common areas of NOMA Tower on North Main Street a new refreshing look. Using a neutral palette with pops of color, along with defining spaces for people to sit, work and enjoy being in the space, this has become the place to be on North Main.

Interior Architecture is about creating immersive environments in which guests and team members experience a unique atmosphere in such a way that inspires connection, imagination, and efficiency. Artfully stylish, contemporary and urban, this common area renovation is the grand entrance to NOMA Tower in the central business of downtown Greenville. This space serves as a dynamic retreat to relax, meet, and enjoy the urban conveniences. With clean architectural lines that sweep into forms, visitors are ushered into a sophisticated environment.With this project, our team considered color psychology and the relationship between our emotions and colors. Above all the interior design tools, color has the most impact on the atmosphere of a space.

For the NOMA Towers lobby transformation, we set out to create an environment that buzzed with energy. This is where red takes center stage. The boldness of this color pumps adrenaline into a space and makes for a strong first impression. Pops of additional bright colors throughout this space are paired with a neutral backdrop and softer materials for balance. In addition to the bold furniture choices, the use of modern art is a focal point in this space. As you walk through the doors, your eyes are immediately drawn to the trio of panels that are bursting with color. Depending on the viewers perspective, the colors and shapes on the pieces vary.

Moving onto the elevator corridor, the oversized custom resin pieces draw inspiration from the arctic circle. The northern lights color scheme consists of pacific blues, pinks and purples, and more. The display interacts with the light and ultimately creates a dynamic space. These interior elements are sure to draw the eye and spark conversation. Overall, NOMA Tower is an example of immersive design. This space is memorable and unique, yet approachable and functional. The energy in the room is palpable and the interior architecture sets that tone.