Parker District Fire Station Headquarters

Parker District Fire Department -- Parker Sewer & Fire Subdistrict
Greenville, SC

The Main Fire Station of Parker Fire District was housed in a 1950’s building that had been expanded through the years to accommodate incremental growth of the department.  The District determined that the existing facility had outlived its useful life and should be replaced.  The District chose DP3 Architects to guide them through the planning and design process for a new main station.

The facility is a two-story structure which includes:

  • Four drive-through fire apparatus bays
  • Cascade room, equipment and gear storage, and de-con area
  • Administrative offices
  • Classroom space
  • Dorm/living quarters
  • Exercise area
  • Emergency electrical power generation system

Although the District chose not to pursue LEED certification of the facility, they did choose to incorporate sustainable design principals, materials, and building systems where practical, into the building design.