Interior Design Material Boards

Posted on February 27, 2023

Design projects rely heavily on visual tools that illustrate the project’s overall mood and tone. Material boards, or flat lays, are one of the tools designers at DP3 Architects use to hone their visual ideas and convey the look and feel of a space to our clients.

By definition, a material board is an assemblage of colors, textures, prints, materials, or other design elements that evoke the style of a project. These elements may contain samples of; furniture and upholstery fabrics, woods, tiles, metals, stones, and wall coverings that are gathered during the design process and conceptualization stage and serve as inspiration for what the project will look like. Material boards can not only speak to the visual elements of a project, but also the ambiance the designer wants to create. Selecting finishes for a project is more than just finding a color scheme – it’s about selecting materials that will improve the quality of the space and enhance the user’s experience.

Take a look at our curated Pinterest board to get inspiration for your next project.

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