Ashley C. Ritchie
“It's special to live up to my grandfather's legacy.”

Ashley C. Ritchie


For Ashley, architecture runs in the family. She can remember back to as young as five years old, going to her grandfather’s office and watching in awe as he would hand-draw his designs. So when it came time for Ashley to choose her own career, she knew that she wanted to follow in her grandfather’s footsteps.

Ashley went on to receive her undergraduate degree from Clemson in 1997 and her graduate degree from the University of Colorado in 2005. She joined DP3 in 2013, and her ability to take the old and make it new serve her well as a member of the restaurant studio.  

Outside of DP3, she stays busy at home with her two children.  Whenever the opportunity presents itself, you’ll find her out on her bike enjoying the fresh air and local landmarks.