Far above trusses, joists, and windows, there is a much higher aspiration for everything that DP3 Architects does. Our passion is understanding the greater underlying purpose in the buildings we craft, and working relentlessly to fulfill it. Our business is about people. The talented ones on our team and most importantly, the ones who will work and play daily in the spaces we create.

Sustainable Design

We are committed to designing and implementing facilities that promote reduced energy consumption and decreased environmental footprint, regardless of whether LEED Certification is a project goal. More than just environmentally friendly, our sustainable design principles enable immediate and long-term economic benefits for our clients. 

National USGBC Silver Level Sponsor
10 USGBC LEED Accredited Professionals on Staff

Team Approach

Our architecture-by-team approach places the client; architect; and most importantly, those who will work and play in the spaces we create; in a forum to exchange ideas, goals, and visions for the building. The end result is the creation of places that invite, inspire, and invigorate users— serving the ultimate goal of every DP3 project…Purpose.