Where We Work

Greenville, South Carolina

It’s only logical that people passionate about architecture would seek out an inspiring environment in which to work… and we found it.  We are proud to call Greenville, South Carolina our home.  Greenville is a perfect blend of historic southern charm and innovative development, which has been made evident by the mass of accolades and media mentions that have been awarded to the city.

DP3 Architects works in the building originally constructed for the Greenville Gas and Electric Light Company. Built ca 1890 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the building was the original home for Greenville’s first coal-fueled, steam-powered, electric generating plant.  In 2000, DP3 Architects renovated the building, taking it from a brewery and restaurant to an open studio office space.

dp3 architects 211 east broad street, greenville, south carolina

For many years, our historical building has served us well. The open-plan studio space promotes collaboration and reinforces the team approach that we take on each of our projects; energizing our team members to design innovative and functional spaces for our clients.

DP3 Architects Team Collaboration
Meg Terry DP3 Architects