Greenville State Farmers Market

South Carolina Department of Agriculture
Greenville, SC

DP3 Architects is partnering with the SC Department of Agriculture to revive the Greenville State Farmers Market campus with a 17,000-square-foot comprehensive renovation that will transform this year-round market into a vibrant and inviting space for the community to attract more visitors and offer a more comfortable, streamlined environment for vendors. Key highlights of the project include a new, modern canopy entrance providing a clear and inviting focal point. New glass panel garage doors, create a visually engaging exterior, allowing visibility inside the space.

The exterior design will bring back elements of the building’s original 1949 appearance through the use of cedar board and batten siding, infusing warmth and character into the revamped space. Exterior seating will be provided by concrete benches, offering a comfortable and inviting space for shoppers to rest or enjoy a quick snack. Inside, the flow of the market is being re-imagined with a well-organized and more efficient layout. The market will be fitted with new lighting and large ceiling fans for optimal comfort,  regardless of season. The restrooms area is undergoing a complete transformation, promising a modern and hygienic experience for all visitors. Vendor-friendly additions include new plant stands and racks for plant vendors, ensuring a stylish and functional display for all green offerings. The upstairs office is set to become the SCDA’s touch-down office for fuel and food safety testing.

DP3 Architects is proud to be a part of this renovation and the project is expected to be completed in November 2024.