Ben R. Urueta
“No matter what project I’m working on, even if it’s a repeat design, I not only want to do my best, I want to out-do myself every time.”

Ben R. Urueta

Principal, CDO | AIA

Growing up in a family of builders, Ben always knew that he wanted to be an Architect. He found a natural appreciation for building structure and design from a young age and attributes that to great admiration and influence of his grandfather. Following his childhood dreams, Ben achieved degrees from Universidad de las Americas, Puebla in Mexico and Clemson University, after which immediately started his career with DP3 Architects. 

20 years later, Ben is Principal and VP of Design at DP3, touching most all projects that involve design integration. He finds satisfaction in creating new structures with people in mind, working closely with his team to offer professional insight and guidance throughout the design process.

Ben is a big proponent of diversity in the architectural profession and is involved in committees that focus their efforts on creating a climate of equity and inclusion.

Outside of design, Ben spends his time following his sons collegiate careers, his oldest as he follows his father’s steps and develops into a promising architect, and his youngest as he grows as a student athlete in a demanding D1 soccer program.