Kristen A. Lassa
“It's very rewarding to have a vision and then explore it to its fullest potential.”

Kristen A. Lassa

Interior Designer

Kristen joins the Interior Studio at DP3 Architects after receiving her B.F.A. in Interior Architecture from the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design in 2020. She knew DP3 Architects would be a great fit for her after experiencing the unique office culture and quality of work produced by the firm.

Kristen discovered her passion for interior design while pursuing a degree in illustration. After being introduced to the world of Architectural Visualization, or “Arch Viz,” the art of creating realistic 3D renderings of buildings and interior spaces, she found a love of designing for three dimensional spaces. She switched majors and never looked back. She finds her work most rewarding when she can follow her vision to its fullest potential and exceed the client’s expectations.

In her free time, Kristen likes to stay creative by drawing and painting. She can also be found exploring one of Greenville’s many hiking trails or playing with her dog, Momo.