C.O.R.E Grow Strong

C.O.R.E Grow Strong
Greenville, SC

Welcome to the new C.O.R.E Grow Strong boutique fitness studio!  This project was a relocation and upfit and includes a Pilates Reformer room, an open studio for yoga, and retail space. The new location is located at 1501 E North St and is part of the Overbrook Historic District. This building was formerly an old Lime Cola bottling facility, but today you can grab a local Kuka Juice after your yoga session.

Specialized fitness spaces are taking the wellness industry by storm by focusing on unique workout opportunities and connection to a supportive community. DP3 Architects partnered with C.O.R.E owner, Currie Gossett, to design a space that represented the soul of the brand and create a superior member experience.

Unlike the one-size-fits-all gyms, boutique fitness studios offer a lifestyle and a community of like-minded people. For spaces like this, design is critical to establishing strong branding that future clients are drawn to. Design has the power to magnify the brand and its specialties and for C.O.R.E, that meant promoting confidence, resilience, and energy through mindful movement and meditation. The space reinforces C.O.R.E’s branding with the use of natural materials, light and airy finishes, and a layout that flows seamlessly. Local artist, Gretta McCall provided art installations that offer just the right splash of color to bring a vibrancy to the space. The design makes for a serene environment that is ideal for group yoga fitness classes. With the added retail component, you can purchase designer fitness gear and choose from a selection of plant-based market items. The floating retail displays further reinforce the minimal, yet impactful feel of the space as a whole.

Ultimately, the direction of the design was to align with C.O.R.E’s business goals and brand, this was the guiding principle behind every design decision. The flow, look, and feel of this boutique fitness studio is designed to connect with current and future members from the moment they walk in, to the moment they walk out. Be sure to swing by and check out the studio. Namaste!