David Hellams Community Center Renovation

Greenville Parks & Recreation Department
Greenville, SC

DP3 Architects was selected as the Architect for the renovation of the David Hellams Community Center in Greenville, SC as a follow-up to a study previously performed. Through community input meetings and the careful exploration of multiple options, DP3 was successful in not only renovating the building indicated in the original study, but was also able to design a new expansion for and new master plan for the site.

The new plans drastically improved the accessibility, flexibility, and exterior community appeal—transforming the building from a facility that turned its back on the community to one that is open and actively engages, becoming once again the heart of the neighborhood.

This was all accomplished within the limits of the original limited scope budget for the project, truly maximizing the City’s investment in the project.

The renovations include mechanical, electrical, and plumbing upgrades along with modifications to improve the accessibility and overall appearance of the facility.  The new addition includes a new lobby, offices, and a senior activity room.