Hale’s Jewelers

Greenville, South Carolina | IIDA DesignWorks Award: Retail Category

For over 160 years, Hale’s Jewelers has been marking life’s most special occasions for generations in Greenville, SC. What started in the 1850s as a small wooden structure on Main Street selling watches and memorial pieces for soldiers has grown to be much more than what the founders could have ever imagined. Hale’s Jewelers is known as a premier jewelry business that is recognized for its industry knowledge, professionalism, and understanding the balance between trends and timeless elegance.

DP3 Architects had the privilege of partnering with Hale’s Jewelers to craft a flagship store to showcase both their rich history and commitment to the customer experience.

"Working with Lucian and his team was such a pleasure. What an honor to play a role in Hale's Jewelers journey
and be a apart of adding to their rich history. This store is truly a special place. "

-Meg Terry, AIA, IIDA, LEED AP

The Jewelry Box

A jewelry box itself must have a level of craft and elegance that tells the story of the jewelry it holds.  DP3 Architects used this as the driving inspiration for the design of Hale’s Jewelers new flagship retail store. The building needed to be iconic in its presence and reflect the idea of quality, permanence, and elegance just as a piece of jewelry would. The firm recognized the importance of designing building shapes and spaces that would move from one to the next as smoothly as the second hand of a Rolex watch.

The free-standing two-level building is nestled into the new Verdae Boulevard Development and provides double the space of the previous location. The gesture of opening a jewelry box is represented with its soaring roof forms. Cascading windows throughout provide an abundance of natural light and a peek of the treasures that lie within the box.

“Nothing shows a diamond better than natural sunlight.” Lucian Lee, Hale’s Jewelers owner.

Jewelry boxes are often as beautiful as the treasures they contain. From the inside out, this space creates an exciting environment to make a memorable jewelry purchase

The Space

As you walk through the doors, you immediately sense you are somewhere special. DP3 Architects worked directly with Owner, Lucien Lee, to bring his vision to life. All materials, textures, and colors were meticulously selected to represent the brand and to create a luxurious experience for customers. The space features a Rolex corner, a designated Forevermark zone, and a private space for additional vendors and community partners.

The lighting fixture is an art exhibit in and of itself. The Heirloom Companies were commissioned to create a piece that characterized a floating jewel-like sculpture. The results are awe-inspiring. Even the carpet was custom designed by local manufacturer, Milliken. Every detail was thoughtfully designed and with intention to craft an unforgettable experience for customers who are celebrating life’s most precious moments.

Heirloom Fixture

The Legacy Lives On

Hale’s Jewelers is known as one of the longest-running businesses in Greenville and the oldest jeweler in the state of South Carolina. This company has seen numerous wars, presidential administrations, technological advances, and more, and yet continues to adapt and thrive. The building encompasses the delicate balance of heritage and innovation. The famous Hale’s Clock installed at the original location in 1910 served as a landmark within the community and proudly stands beside the new space today. The clock honors the past and yet recognizes that time stands still for no one. Hale’s Jewelers will continue to play a role in the biggest moment of their customer’s lives and now their flagship store is as timeless as the diamonds they sell.

Hale's Display