Premier Apple Partner Retailer

Greenville, South Carolina | AIA South Carolina Merit Design Award for Interior Architecture

Located in the heart of downtown Greenville, SC, iStore is the premier Apple partner retailer in the Upstate.  Moving to a new location afforded iStore the opportunity to showcase their brand in a new environment. The iStore is minimal yet sleek, representing the products they feature and their reputation for technical expertise. The interior design draws on a Scandinavian aesthetic with a minimalistic style that blends textures and contrasting tones. Products are displayed with sophisticated attention to detail and intentional thought to lighting and presentation.

The custom cash wrap is a focal point of the space. The asymmetric window pattern and dark wood of the “house” provide stark contrast to the order of the showroom. This unique element separates the store from the back-of-house operations and makes a bold statement.

The iStore storefront features clean lines, natural materials, and large windows allowing for an abundance of natural light. Overall, the new store provides a modern and welcoming shopping experience that is designed with both product and customer in mind.