Park 37 | Building 300

Trinity Partners
Greenville, SC

Park 37 office park is located on Executive Center Drive east of Downtown Greenville. Located across the highway from Greenville’s bustling Woodruff Road, Park 37 is located near the most popular shopping and dining options in the area.

The Building 300 renovation and facade enhancement project encompassed both interior and exterior elements that integrate modern design principles with practical features to elevate the overall building. By blending aesthetic appeal with functionality, the project created a dynamic and inviting space that fosters a sense of community and pride among tenants, team members, and visitors alike.

On the exterior, the upgraded fiber cement cladding, signage, and stadium seating feature distinguish the building’s presence within the office park. The lobby renovation features a minimalist and contemporary design with clean lines, neutral colors, and natural materials. Overall, the project resulted in a welcoming space to be enjoyed by future tenants and visitors of the building for years to come.