Pomegranate on Main

Pomegranate | Greenville, SC

DP3 Architects provided services to design a 2,300-square-foot Persian restaurant in the historic West End district of Greenville, South Carolina. The restaurant is a contemporary interpretation of traditional Persian architecture. The focal point of the restaurant is a tile wall which extends from the interior of the restaurant to the exterior dining space, where it becomes a fountain.

A dark wood trellis, used as a shade element on the exterior, is also brought into the interior over the bar area as another unifying element of the space. In an effort to both display and respect the historic nature of the building, DP3 Architects exposed the original brick interior walls. The use of rich wood detailing, bold colors, handmade Persian decor elements, and tile complete the design intent of the space. The 60-seat restaurant contains a full-service kitchen and martini bar, as well as an outdoor patio that can accommodate an additional 30 seats.