DP3 Architects Celebrates 40 Years in Business

Posted on May 13, 2024

DP3 Architects is excited to celebrate 40 years in business this year. What began as a venture by three classmates from Clemson University has grown into one of the most well-respected architecture firms in South Carolina.

In 1984, Mark S. Eggl, Samuel D. Justice, and J. Michael Taylor established Design Partnership, crafting their earliest designs in the confines of a basement, quickly gaining a reputation in the community for impeccable service to their clients, as well as designing buildings that were not only beautiful but functional and efficient. DP3 Architects’ passion for creating unique and innovative lasting designs that give places true functionality and purpose has been present from the very beginning. Some of the firm’s early projects included:

Design Partnership navigated many changes, including a name change to DP3 Architects in 2003 and the transition to its second generation of leadership. Today the firm is led by Mike Pry, Meg Terry, Brian Thomas, and Ben Urueta. Guided by a shared vision, they continue to embrace the needs of an ever-evolving industry.

While evolution is inevitable, what has remained constant is DP3 Architects’ commitment to providing unique architecture, interior design, and planning services that ensure clients’ spaces not only meet their needs but also ignite a greater quality of life. Throughout the years, DP3 Architects has developed an extensive portfolio spanning across their four verticals: community, higher education, hospitality, and interiors. Notable projects include:

These projects vary widely in size, scope, and purpose. What they all have in common, however, is the degree of expertise with which each was designed. The DP3 Architects team prides themselves on technical proficiency and their ability to collaborate with clients with the end goal of creating spaces that serve those who occupy them.

At the heart of DP3 Architects’ success lies its greatest asset: its team. From the most seasoned leaders to the newest hires, the talent and collective passion of the team is what drives the firm forward.

“40 years in business is a huge accomplishment.  We would not be here without the vision of our 3 founding partners, the nearly 200 team members who have walked through our doors, our amazing clients and consultants, and of course this community which continues to support us on a daily basis. We owe each and every one of them our thanks.” – Brian S. Thomas, AIA | Principal & CEO

The firm’s culture and “Architecture-by-Team” approach creates a client and team member experience that has always revolved around a collaborative and fun setting. It is because of this culture that DP3 Architects has recently been named the “Best Architecture Firm in South Carolina” by the Greenville Business Magazine and one of the “Best Places to Work in South Carolina” by SC Biz News. In 2023 they received the “Firm Award” by AIA South Carolina. Looking ahead, DP3 Architects is committed to building upon its legacy of innovation and service, ushering in the next era of design excellence. As they embark on the next 40 years, they remain deeply grateful for the strong foundation of experience and expertise upon which they stand.

“Reflecting on four decades of practice, our journey has been defined by the dedication and collaboration of our remarkable clients and our team. Our longevity as a firm is a testament to the past and current leadership, the talent of our people, and our ability to continue to evolve in the profession of architecture and design. As we commemorate this milestone, we honor not only our past achievements but also the unwavering commitment to our clients and of every member of our team, whose passion and expertise continue to shape the spaces that inspire and endure.” – Meg Terry, AIA | Principal & CMO

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